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  • Loves animals!
  • Small business so only small group walks with carefully selected dogs.
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Experienced dog walker
  • No animal's care is ever compromised.
  • DBS checked (police checked)
  • Air conditioned car for  transporting dogs
  • Understands dog behaviour and welfare needs
  •  Canine 1st Aid trained & 24 hour veterinary advice available through our Insurance. .
  • No kennels are used
  • We accept & encourage  already vaccinated dogs with annual titer test certificates issued by your vets (instead of routine 'boosters') to proove immunity against DHP (distemper, hepatitis,Parvo virus) This is to discourage OVER vaccination which goes against animal welfare according to top immunology experts in the WSAVA guidelines. 

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Supports this charity as a volunteer by Dog walking and any pet care needs that are required

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Petcare services in & around Farnborough

Rachel, Camberley: "Natalia loves dogs and they love her. My Cocker Spaniel Banjo is loving his walks and visits to Basil's Daycare. Natalia has a very professional approach and the care of the dogs is her absolute priority". Banjo's Owner.Jan 2017.

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Basil's Doggie Daycare


Farnborough,Hampshire, UK

 Business Insurance

Pet 1st Aid Course

I'm Natalia and I run Basil's Doggie Day from my home which offers daycare, dog walking, home boarding and pet visits, 7 days a week in Farnborough. Basil is my rescue dog who entered my life in 2013.  I understand that some dogs prefer company throughout the day with the added bonus of other socialised doggie friends to play and snooze with.  In a home environment they will enjoy more freedom, comfort and less stress than kennels can provide. In our care, your dog will be loved and cared for as if he/she were my own as I understand how much your pet means to you.