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Why I love this essential product:

*Anti bacterial. Anti fungal. Anti Viral
*100% safe on all skin types for all mammals, birds & reptiles. I have a friend who uses it on her horses too.
*Allergy Management
*Cuts, grazes & post surgical sites
*Dry, Flakey or smelly skin
*Soothing & calming
*Skinfold care for brachycephalicbreeds
*Itchy skin
*Sore paws
*Weepy eyes
*Irritated earse your paragraph here

*I use the spray as not only an essential part of my pet 1st aid kit for animals but it has become essential during this virus pandemic to help prevent the risk of any cross contamnation of the COVID19 virus from animal fur as a part of my COVID 19 measures. 

For more information on the product, please visit their website. Link button is under the leucillin image. 

Leucillin's recent CORONA VIRUS update, which can also be found on their website under FAQ

<<coronaviruses and COVID-19
Due to the influx of requests regarding Leucillin’s disinfectant efficacy against virus’, providing a reliable pet safe sanitiser, we undertook to update the relevant tests against Coronavirus with leading microbiology contract research organization and Government approved BluTest Laboratories.
We are delighted to share with you Leucillin has passed these tests and therefore can announce Leucillin is effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A*
This therefore concludes Leucillin is effective against all coronaviruses and COVID-19.
Leucillin provides a pet safe alternative for protection against animal cross contamination, to use Leucillin as an anti-viral cleanser for the topical application to coat, paws and muzzle simple spray liberally, Leucillin is safe for use on all mammals, birds and reptiles.e.>>

I have actually been using this product since before I started my petcare business. It has always been an essential part of my pet 1st aid supplies, ever since I discovered my first bottle in my VIP bag of The Supervet, Noel FitzPatrick's Dogfest dog show back in 2013.

I have realised during this pandemic we find ourselves in that it has become a crucial part of my everyday routine to use it on dogs' fur as part of my procedures to help minimize the small risk of the spread of the virus, through cross contamination of each dogs' fur.

So if your dog is likely to mix with other dogs on walks or other people outside your household is likely to touch them, this will provide extra reasurance you are minimising the small risk even further of cross contamination. I spray it on any bedding too in the van each time a different dog uses the compartment.

So, I am now pleased to be able to offer it for sale, at a FANTASTIC introductory price to my clients, other petcare business owners and local dog owners.

NEW IN! 5 litre refil

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5 litre refil: £105
500 ml leucillin spray.: £13.99 each
250 ml leucillin spray:£8.20 each
50 ml dropper bottle: £4.20 each

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