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Basil's Doggie Daycare


Farnborough,Hampshire, UK

Registration processes for Basil's Doggie Daycare Services

Dog Walking: 

1. An initial chat on the phone about your dog and your requirements. 

2. I make a visit to your house so I can meet you and your dog. We can take a brief walk from your house, if we feel it is required and I can see what needs to be done upon collection and drop off of your dog, (10 mins). 

3. A trial group walk is mutually arranged before any further bookings can be confirmed. Trial walk is charged at my going rate & must be paid for in advance. 

​ Home Boarding & Daycare: 

  1. An initial (no obligation)  chat over the phone to discuss your requirements & questions about your dog/s.
  2. Option A: Arrange a 'meet & greet'  in my garden. This time will be used to assess your dog in my home environment and the interactions with my dogs & any other dogs I have in that day. Updates, pics and/or videos will be shared. This will not be charged and will be for an hour two OR  Option B: Arrange a meet & walk at a nearby walking location. 
  3.  After a successful stage 2,  we arrange a trial boarding/daycare stay. ​(full boarding/daycare rates apply) This is a strict condition of my licensing requirement and is much needed for peace of mind to ensure your dog can settle & so I can be sure your dog will be happy mixing and sharing my home with other dogs & I can see how they are on walks. The date of this will be mutually agreed.  You will need to bring your dog in the morning of the trial date and collect the following morning. A morning walk or extra daycare can be added by mutual agreement. Drop off for trial only is between 8.30 & 9am in the week and between 9am & 9.30am at weekends. If needed I may be able to be flexible on these times. Collection is anytime between 4/5pm and 6.30pm. All trial stays needs to be paid in full at the time of booking. Most trial stays do work out but if they don't, there will be a 50% refund if the trial ends before 4 hrs after arrival. 

Important notes: Female dogs do not need to be spayed but we cannot provide our services if she is in season or a week either side of her season. All dogs & cats  will need to have their  microchip details uptodate. 

Dogs will need a secure fitting collar or harness with owners' ID tag on them. Any flea and worming preventatives will need to be uptodate.  Prior to any visits to my home with your dog, as part of our Control of infectious diseases Policy, we will need to see uptodate vaccination records (this can include a positive titer test verification from a registered vet that is no less than  a year old). All dogs are expected to be free of fleas or worms.

Vaccination Requirements:  LEPTO 2 or 4 (leptospirosis) required each year.  (Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvovirus (DHP)  required every 3 years. We are pleased to also accept titer tested dogs for DHP only. We do NOT insist your dog has the Bordetella & Canine parainfluenza virus vaccination, also known as Kennel Cough. If you still wish to give your dog this vaccine,there must be at least a 7 day period of having the vaccine and using all of our services. 

Please be aware that with the lepto and kennel cough vaccine, this is not full proof and your dog can still contract these viruses even though he or she has been vaccinated due to the many strains of the virus that exist. If your dog is showing any signs & symptoms of these viruses, they must not mix with our dogs and veterinary attention must be sought. Please click on the link for information about the Kennel Cough vaccine provided by NOAH & this link for info on symptoms and information about virus provided by VetsNow which has clear descriptions of signs & symptoms to look out for.  

Prices for registration:

Current Daycare & Boarding rates apply for trial daycare and boarding stays. Trial stays requires payment upfront to secure booking. Please refer to Prices List on our website. No booking can be confirmed until all necessary paperwork is signed. A deposit is required for all ad hoc services & overnight boarding bookings. If the trial is unsuccessful within 4 hrs of your dog arriving, then 50% of the trial fee will be refunded. 

Pet Visits

  1. An initial chat over the phone to discuss your requirements.
  2. A visit to your house is arranged to meet you and your pet/s.  (10-20 mins)
  3. Keys can be handed over once paperwork is completed & signed