Registration processes for Basil's Doggie Daycare Services

Home Boarding:

  1. Brief chat over the phone to discuss your requirements & questions about your dog/s.
  2. Arrange a 'meet & walk' in the local area with your dog and any dogs I have in for daycare (20 mins)
  3. Follow me back to my home where I can see how the dogs are inside my house.(15 mins)
  4. Arrange a trial sleepover. Drop off time is by arrangement. Collection in the week is between 7.45 and 8.30am. Weekend collection is between 8.30 and 9.15am.

Important notes:All male dogs will need to be neutered for group walks, daycare & boarding services. This is not a requirement for solo walks or pet visits.  Female dogs do not need to be spayed but we cannot provide our services if she is in season or a week either side of her season. All dogs & cats  will need to have their  microchip details uptodate. Dogs will need a secure fitting collar or harness with owners' ID tag on them. Any flea and worming treatments will need to be uptodate and given to Basil's Doggie Daycare if your dog will be due their treatment while boarding with us. Prior to any visits to my home with your dog, we will need to see uptodate vaccination records (this can include a positive titer test verification from a registered vet) and will expect all dogs to be free of fleas or worms.

Prices for registration:

Home Boarding £10 per dog or £15 for 2 dogs. This is not refundable,

Pet Visits

  1. Brief chat over the phone to discuss your requirements.
  2. A visit to your house is arranged to meet your pet/s.  (10-20 mins)
  3. Keys can be handed over once paperwork is completed & signed

Doggie Daycare

Same as steps 1-3 in Home Boarding.

Dog Walking

Same as steps 1-2 in home boarding.